• Secrets about the New Vikings Stadium

    Get informed about the new vikings stadium. What’s really going on behind the scenes? Sell the metrodome to the Vikings for $1 ???
    What are the answers. Who’s being honest? Who will really benefit from a new Vikings Stadium?
    Who can you trust in this deal?
    Should the public pay for this through tax dollars?????
    Find out here: The Real Secrets about the New Vikings Stadium

See/click current USDA/CCC Interest rates for Peanuts, Sugar and all major farm commodities that have access to nine month commodity loans.  These are loans backed by actual Peanuts, Sugar, Corn, Soybeans Wheat, etc. held in storage with a current annual interest rate of yes, 1.25%.  These loans also enjoy the privilege, that if at maturity the market value and interest incurred exceed the market value of the loaned commodity the commodity can be forfieted to USDA/CCC as full settlement of loan!

Click on link to see USDA  loan amounts lent at a 1.25% annual interest rate for 2010 crop loans, 1.375% for 2009 crop and at 2% for 2008 crop loans!  Why can’t people loosing their homes tap money at 1.25% interest rate?  Ask your elected officials please.
Loan Summary – 2010
Loan Summary – 2009
Loan Summary – 2008
Click on http://www.fns.usda.gov/fns/key_data/september-2010.pdf PDF page 3 to see runaway cost of total food assistance, compared to what Conrad and Collin Peterson and his fellow Democrats budgeted.
Listen to: Collin Peterson remarks on Government Spending Part 1
Comments are from Farmfest August 3rd 2010 in Redwood Falls Mn.
Listen to: Collin Peterson remarks on Government Spending Part 2
Part2 relate to the next Farm Bill in 2012 or 2013
Then review the Actual 2008 Farm Bill Spending and Cost Estimates updated in 2010 by the Congressional Research Service which shows Collin’s remarks are false!  Please focuss on Table 2 numbers which are the major costs without administrative fee’s/cost or minor program spending items.
See Collins remarks in clearer form by clicking on link below and move or click on play bar to 22 minutes in to hear House Ag Chairma Collin Peterson speak on Government spending and his view on what the 2008 Farm Bill did compared to other Government spending programs.  Then click on and read what the CRS shows that only Alan Roebke posts (credit your source) as the new projected costs of the 2008 Farm Bill with costs up $132 billion or up about 50% in just two years just like the rest of Government spending.  All after Collin Peterson and Congress told the public/voters the 2008 Farm Bill is budgeted with offsets.  When it’s  really funded with manditory spending rules which means Congress will fund whatever additional spending the 2008 Farm Bill calls for or no offsets or traditional or business budget or accounting rules.  Alan Roebke (REB-Key) 8-30-10


Then listen to Collin Petersons other FarmFest Comments on not spending more taxpayer money 1:16 minutes in on below link .  http://minnesota.publicradio.org:80/www_publicradio/tools/media_player/popup.php?name=minnesota/news/features/2010/08/04/ffestcongressional1_20100804_64

Please Credit Alan Roebke (REB-Key) and www.CongressionalChange.com for this unique research and understanding of the posted info relating to Public Policy, including Actions by Government and Business!

Will you support a new Radio Program Alan is trying to get up and running on a Twincities station and outstate Stations, Spotlight on Reality?  Below is a demo tape of the program to address the issues we all face.  Yet the for profit only Media is not pointing out what is really taking place.  The program would be once a week on the weekend and a 1/2 hour long or could be up to one hour so Candidates, elected officals or business leaders could be guests. (yes even on a 1/2 hour formate)  To start send Checks or direct Candidates or Businesses to place ads to air.   Alan Roebke Box 333 Alexandria Minnesota 56308  or Call 320-304-1382 (Yes on the demo I said 97 when I meant to say 87)

Listen Please:     Spotlight on Reality
Listen to Alan interviewed by KDLM Detroit Lakes or KFGO Fargo or Alan Roebke the Congressional Candidate aired on KNUJ 860 New Ulm, MN:
Listen to Alan’s campaign travels – Program 1 – Campaign Views
New on 7-30-2010 – Alan Roebke – Program 3 – Military leaks and more

Listen to Alan on KFGO Fargo-Moorhead (correction: Only 39% of 7th CD think Peterson should be re-elected)

Listen to Alan on Detroit Lakes Radio KDLM, Home of Collin Peterson and Summer home of MSNBC Ed Show host Ed Shultz

Do you want a Traditional leader/Statesman like Alan Roebke or just a Convener of special interests like Roger Moe, Lee Byberg or Collin Peterson?  As Roger Moe says, convening is good politics but the record shows coveners have delivered disastrous Policy.  So Elect Alan Roebke and let him lead…Click on  The power to Convene if it is not shown as a YouTube pic below, the same for Gulke.  scroll down for more info

Do you think that someone with a penthouse office in the Chicago Board of Trade needs farm subsidies? This commodity expert below has received over $1,000,000 1995-2009 (see Gulke Farms, Rockford, Illinois Winnebago, Boone, Ogle counties & Dickey Co. in ND by clicking:  http://farm.ewg.org/persondetail.php?custnumber=003339132).  We can’t post his Crop insurance subsidy info, for Collin Peterson, Blanche Linclon/Ag Committee’s, blocked disclosure in the fine print of the  farm bill and crop insurance rules to keep the taxpayer and  ewg.org.  in the dark.  Yet Alan Roebke knew how to dig deeper into county posting which is post under insurance.   Yes, $552,000 in crop insurance premium subsidies for one ND in 2008 to safely farm over 10,000 acres,  now click on:
The Gulke Group at Chicago Board of Trade

more at: http://www.gulkegroup.com/about/jerrygulke.php

News Release, Letter to the Editor and message to all citizens of the 7th CD of Minnesota:

The August 10th 2010 Primary Campaign in the 7th Congressional District of Minnesota is off and running (See attached first AD). Yet “True Change”, can only come with Alan Roebke (REB-Key) on the November ballot. This is the only way for citizens of the 7th CD, to finally see how their Congressmen, Collin Peterson is up to his eye ball’s, in the 2008 financial meltdown of our economy.

Yes, Collin Peterson’s tenure on the House Ag committee, failed America in it’s congressional oversight obligation, to regulate and prevent derivatives, swaps, options and futures from devouring real markets.  Which turned our renowned “U.S. Market Place”, from a safe haven of wealth, into a Gambling Casino.  Leading to massive losses and financial instability for both our Nation and our world.  For his Committee’s number one responsibility was not simple farm policy but to protect Americans from the Meg-a-Trillion Dollar derivatives market, that evolved from an atom, into “Nuclear Greed”.  A market that did not even exist, when Collin was sent to D.C. 20 years ago but became a “Market Monster”, on Collin Peterson’s watch!

For these Wall Street con men, simply took the Grain and Livestock futures trading model, long misunderstood and mismanaged by all members Congress, except Hillary and Super-Sized it and electrified it for themselves. Which created a lightning fast trading platform, more so than a complex trading machine, to capture super market control, power and profits.  Allowing a few invested millions, to control the value of hundreds millions to billions and even trillions in real securities. Even to the point of trumping the biggest banks, brokerage houses and insurance companies of the world.  All right under the nose of Collin Peterson and his fellow hayseed Congressmen and Senators on our two Ag Committee’s, both Republican and Democrat.  All allowed, because the big shoot city boy’s and girls of Congress had little knowledge of the process.  Or had lost their butt’s trading futures or new important people who had and said no thanks to oversight of this private club, inside game!

So Alan Roebke (REB-Key) is the only Candidate on the 2010 ballot who understands and has experienced first hand, the good, the bad and the ugly, of how these artificial markets operate. Markets based on margin trading and not sound dollar for dollar investing or actual product.  Markets that have delivered our “Stock Market Crash”, “Mortgage Mess” and now our “Out of Control Deficits”. Markets totally controlled by speculators and profiteers, trumping the protections of our historic accounting rules, oversight auditing and bank regulation!

Similar to the markets Alan Roebke and all Farmers have faced in both Grain and Livestock markets for years. A market place, with prices being set by speculators and power players.  Yielding little regard for actual Farm cost of production or market place profit’s, needed to feed the world annually, without $300 billion in world wide subsidies, (OECD numbers).  Yet today OECD numbers show one billion people go to bed hungry, in a world of plenty that only lacks leadership, not nourishing grains!

For these false Farm markets, delivered the 10’s of billions of taxpayer funded farm subsidies, under Collin Peterson’s two decades in Congress.  All because Collin Peterson failed to understand what was really taking place in commodity markets in the U.S. and the world. Leading to his only solution, more taxpayer subsidies, under an unfair formula system and outrageous policies such as LDP’s.  As in “loan deficiency payments” made to Farmers without most Farmers ever taking a loan or having a loan deficiency.  Leading to a $32 billion dollar taxpayer cost in one year alone!  Another example, since 1996 the two crops viewed as health grains oats and rice, have out of balance subsidies. The oats payment acre received $1 buck/acre while rice received on average $96/acre annually. So a Minnesota farmer with an oats payment acre, has received $15 in subsidies over the last 15 years and a southern rice farmers has pocketed $1440/acre and both could plant any crop on those acres they wanted!

Yet Collin’s Farm Subsidies still flow in the commodity boom-best of times period.  Even when grain prices doubled or tripled, under world weather problems and our disastrous energy policy, but not from sound farm policy. Today taxpayers are even picking up to 80% of the farmers crop insurance premium in 2010, (See Iowa Corn Farmer Post) even at a time of record farm balance sheets and income.

All while many 7th District workers live without health insurance and face mortgage issues or job loss and our small towns lose businesses and population.  Yet our 7th CD farmers still receive annual grain and crop insurance subsidies in 2008, 2009 and 2010 of about $300 million/year.  Yet this government windfall of about $1 billion dollars, over the last 3 years, when including disaster payments to District farmers.  Could not be taped by the general population of the 7th CD facing real financial hardship.  All because they are not special friends, protected under the umbrella of Collin Peterson rain!  As is annual cash subsidy showers, no longer understood by most residents of the District!

So please direct all citizens to my health insurance solution for the uninsured of the District and Nation.  For as your Congressmen, I will introduce balanced market place policy, for both the Districts Work Force and our Family Farmers and lead our nation out of the Mess, Collin Peterson played a major role in!

So vote in the August 10th primary, whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent.  For this primary is for real people to shape their government and the November ballot and post the desires of the people for Election Day.  So use the power that government rarely grants you, with this August 10th ballot.  To trump the party bosses and again send a true “Statesman” to D.C. from the 7th CD Minnesota, Alan Roebke.  For as we all know, our nation is in desperate need of leadership!  Hope to see you on the Campaign trail in 2010! Thanks Alan Roebke (REB-key) Box 333 Alexandria Minnesota 56308 or Al@CongressionalChange.com


Vote for Alan Roebke
www.CongressionalChange.com (REB-Key)
In the Primary for all Independents & Republicans to Speak, 8-10-10!
Alan Roebke             Verses           Lee Byberg
“A Local Statesman”                  “A Foreign Politician”
Family Farmer                          Corporate Farmer
Support this Paid Political Ad to Change D.C.

A Primary for Independents & Republicans to Speak. 8/10/10
“A local Statesman, Family Farmer –vs.- A foreign Politician, Corporate Farmer”

After receiving over 48% of the vote in the 2008 Republican Primary, I’m again Announcing my candidacy to run in the Republican Primary of the 7th Congressional District of Minnesota.  For I am the only Candidate who can deliver sound Government policy, that all residents are demanding in  2010!

For after 7th District   Republicans and Independents have observed the Lee Byberg bus tour of the District, we have all come to the same conclusion.  Lee Byberg is the “Bus to No Where” or the “Dream Vehicle for Collin Peterson’s re-election”, which 7th District residents cannot have again in 2010!

For I trump both Lee Byberg and Collin Peterson on all issues in the 2010 election, from first hand experiences.  Including being on 6 continents by the time I was 31, to view the world first hand and how the world affects us all.  Plus I understand what family farmers need to prosper without subsidies and prevent the continued corporate take over of rural America.  Policies and actions championed in the lives and work of both Lee Byberg and Collin Peterson.  Which are delivering corporate Agriculture, for a powerful few, as in  Big, Bigger and Biggest!!!!!!

Plus I have a simple health insurance vehicle that insures all uninsured citizens today and not sometime in the distant future like the Democrats pasted but at a much lower taxpayer cost.    For with Alan Roebke in Congress, all citizens of the 7th District will have a sound economic voice in their Government and not just our subsidized Farmers, now facing big subsidy cut’s and no leadership!

I welcome all to my campaign!   For true Change must happen in 2010 to address the mess Corporate America, Collin Peterson and the perennial incumbents of D.C. have delivered !  Alan Roebke (REB-key)

Welcome to CongressionalChange.com

This site calls for the return of the “Statesman”!  Which Webster defines as: A person engaged in fixing the policies and conducting the affairs of a government.  One wise and skilled in such matters!

So the question is, is President Obama a “Statesman” or just another “Head of State”, of a waning Superpower, as in Carter II or Bush III?  Hence my question/Letter to the Fargo Forumm on “Ethanol Policy and Obama” used as a test question for his ability to address at least ethanols unjust pricing system as a start for Statesmanship!  While futures markets on 5-3-10, make Ethanol the gasoline additive 84 cents/gallon cheaper than raw gasoline!  All while Consumers truly need Ethanol’s properties for clean air and a volumetric extender of gasoline for the summer driving season.

For the record clearly shows we have no “Statesman” left in Congress to immediately expand our summer fuel supply, so I call on the President!  For in Congress, we only find typical politicians, with skill levels only high enough to debate only their mutual incompetence!  So I focussed my question by asking the President, can he deliver?

This independent non partisan site wants to focus the debate on modernizing Minnesota’s State legislature and America’s legislative framework in 2010!    Starting with a simple electrol formula, that removes all 10, 20 and 30 year perennial members of congress/legislature of both parties in 2010!  As in throw all the old bum’s out! For these elected officials, are responsible for and delivered the mess we find ourselves in today.

This site is for concerned citizens who now realize that the best choice for congress and senate in 2008 was none of thee above and know that we cannot have that same disastrous outcome in 2010.

So please see my simple health care solution, which immediately gets a revenue stream started to insure all American’s in 2010!  Then look at how our Congress is deilivering Federally backed insurance for Multi-Millionaire farmers.

See the spending, cost, and subsidies of Federal Crop Insurance.  As in paying 61% of the premium for the 2009 crop and as high as 80% for the 2010 crop now being planted.   All while the health needs of low income citizens wait at least 4 years for insurance coverage or automatic health savings accounts, something my plan can start right now!

Then look at Federal Crop Insurance, as a revealing view of how your congress operates today and how Obama presently administers this federal insurance program.  Even while his first offical speech to congress and the nation, called for farm policy cut’s over a year ago with little results or action todate!